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Concerned about mum

Hi all, im new here but looking for some words of wisdom. My mum has has pain/swelling in her wrists, fingers, joints for a cpl of years. Doctors originally diagnosed fibromyalgia. At a recent app my mum now said they have told her she has some sort of inflamitory arthritis. She is due to start medication that will have strong side effects seemingly. I'm really worried about her, she is 4 foot 10 and approx 6 stone. She had anorexia as a teenager and her lack of eating has become worse recently. She appears to suffer depression and anxiety but won't get help or admit this to anyone. She constantly suffers from cold, chest infections etc. I'm so worried but dont know how to help. She's 64.... 😓

  1. I’m a few years younger than your mom I was diagnosed 20 years ago the medicine has a lot of side effects but with out it I can not function try to get your mom on this site it has helped me tremendously

    1. No all her symptoms are related to arthritis. just support her when she needs it. Don't keep asking as other stupies do "are you better today"/ as happens to me over and over. I always answer dont keep asking me, I will let everyone know how i am when i fell moved to speak about it. Just recently i broke ribs on either side, plus tore cartilages and had some fluid on the lungs. I think people are either insensitive or stupid, as from day two of the injury they were already asking if i was better now. This darn injury is still in progress and because of it all, it will take 2-4 months. so if they ask a stupid question i just give them a stupid answer. My arthritis is another story.

      1. Crunchy feeling cold is part of the symptoms. I get cold on my legs and just use a throw rug in the lounge. I also pull my aching fingers a bit and stretch them and it seems to help. until the next time. My pains move all over my body. This ones really got me. doctors dont have the I try health products, herbs anything that might make a difference. Thank goodness for all these internet sites to help us along the way.

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