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This question is obviously directed to the women here who have RA.

I was wondering what kind of contraceptives are safe to use while on biologics meds and what kind of symptoms have you felt.. if you felt any at all? Thank you!

  1. Hi DianaP32! This is a great question! I do hope you get some feedback from our community members on this topic. It does seem that contraceptive choices for the RA community are just as diverse and personal as for the general population. That said, there is at least one medication used to treat RA symptoms that can affect oral contraceptive efficacy; Actemra. This would be a great question to pose to your rheumatologist. Also, you can type the names of your medications into our search box and it will pull up specific information on that drug, including safety and side effects and potential contraindications. Thank you for reaching out and I will be interested to see what answers you receive.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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