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Conversation of the Week: Managing RA When You Have Other Chronic Conditions

Managing RA/RD when you also have other chronic conditions isn't for the faint-hearted. What other conditions do you live with and what are some of your favorite tips? Or just emoji with a heart so I don't feel so alone. Y'all are the best 💜!

  1. L.eanne, this comes at a time that truly makes me reflect . In fact, it has me creating a goal to take action. When diagnosed with RA, I was having chronic hives and then some joints started bothering me. Last night the hives started again and makes me wonder if joints will be bothered. I have a wait and see personality. I also have swollen glands and a nodule on thyroid that is starting to feel pressure, Hashimoto, where it is at. I also been putting up with digestive issues. I have put many different problems on back burner. Just by asking this, I will tend to the different autoimmune diseases. Thank you, love, elirose

    1. Hi . It sounds like you certainly have your hands full. Know that people here understand. I don't know if you are aware that we have sister-sites for psoriatic arthritis and Type 2 diabetes at and respectively. Have you found treatments that help both the RA and psoriatic arthritis? Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    2. I've been reading that hives are actually very common with RA, unfortunately.

  2. I have diabetes, Nueropathy, and stents In my heart.

    1. That is a complex list of comorbidities. Do you have any insights or tips to offer the community, particularly with RA and diabetes? Keeping the numbers in check along with avoiding inflammatory foods must be difficult, especially in the coming holiday season. Have you found a particular eating plan to be more helpful than another? I hope you are managing well today, you are in my thoughts. -Leanne (Team Member)

  3. CommunityMember, yes that is much to deal with . What amazes me is how much people with RA have to deal with , yet, how tough they are. Just to read what all these remarkable post to help and support makes me have a heart of gratitude to them. With all they endure, they reach out to help and make a community of support. thank you and all of you. Much appreciation love,elirose

    1. Too many to list here - we'll all be here all day. Ha ha. There isn't really some big secret I can share other than to say you take whatever comes day by day and try not to focus on what MIGHT come later, only what's there today to deal with now. Keep on keepin' on, DPM

      1. Absolutely!!!!

      2. Seriously. It would be great if we could just wave a wand and BAM! Dealt With! ha ha. Who knows, maybe one day they will invent a med that does just that - a “feel good all over” pill. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

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