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Conversation of the Week: Pet Care when You're in a Flare

What are your tips for taking care of your furry (and non-furries) when you have a chronic illness flare? Why are our pets so important to us?

Share your thoughts, tips and experiences in this forum! ~Monica (site moderator and contributor).

  1. What we did when my dad got to the point it was hard for him to bend to feed and water his small dogs in a stable place, we set up a large boot / shoe mat that had a raised edge on it next to my dad favorite chair. Then we moved the food & water dishes to that mat and this way my father could get the food and water, sit in the recliner and just lean over to the dishes and fill them. As for taking then outside, there is of course a doggie door, which my father was against installing. We ended up finding a removal window pet door and ramps. On the outside the ramps were great, came right up to the window. Inside the house we wanted to hide them, so placed a sofa table (table high enough to fit even with the window ledge)placed that, sofa in front of that and then a ramp that the animals could walk down / up off the table while all still hidden by the sofa. There is also raised stands for animal dishes, pending the animals height of course. Buy or make one, place near a steady object or a hand rail to use to stable yourself bending over and standing up.
    Personally, for my house we did raise the dogs dish for it was easier for her too as she aged. As for going outside, I still had no problem taking her, she was my reason for getting up and moving every single day we had her.

    Animals / pets are so in tuned to our feelings they know when to comfort us and then know when we need them to make us move. Great listeners also. Support emotionally and physically.

    1. I love that you solved the problem so creatively while also abiding by your father's wishes, . Animals are such amazing companions. Thanks for weigh in! - Lori (Team Member)

  2. What a great idea! I am not to that point, but it breaks my heart I can no longer walk my two pups. They comfort me when I am feeling bad. They always know. ❤️❤️❤️
    I now take them to our local dog park so they can run and get some exercise. Good change of pace for me too and I’ve met some very nice ppl there.

    1. I love that you came up with the idea of taking your pups to the dog park. You solved the problem of not being able to take them for a walk, and now they get to run around and socialize with other dogs, and it sounds like you get to socialize with some other nice people too. Our pets can really be the best! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  3. Our pets add so much to my life, I cannot imagine where I would be without them. They give me a reason to get up moving each day. We had a small rescue in our home and today we now have 13 kitties that were not adopted ... so they now have a permanent home with us. None of them ever go outside so we also have 13 cat boxes! Cleaning and maintaining the boxes keeps me moving, lifting, bending, going up and down the steps, whatever it takes to keep them clean. And of course they want fed, fresh water....they fulfill our need to be needed. They keep me company all day, some sleep with us each night and if I am having a bad day they all seem to know it. They bring so much comfort.

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