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Cooking for the holidays

Hi y'all. I hope all is well on this eve of Thanksgiving. I remember my grandmas kitchen the week before Thanksgiving,the aroma of pies wafting in the air was enough to make this texas girls mouth water. She did a lot of the prep work in advance so on the big day it was like an assembly line with every conceivable side dish getting its turn in the oven. She always made certain there were dishes we grandchildren could participate in making as well so that everyone felt like a contributor. Wise womam,that grandma of mine. Adulthood found thanksgiving dinners being hosted at my house and I loved it. I roast a mean turkey and my southern dressing simply can't be beat. I did it all,right down to mouth waterin' the giblet gravy. These days that ole arthritis has changed the host location from my home to my sister in law's and I no longer am responsible for a weeks worth of food preperation. The first few years I wasn't thrilled. I enjoyed all the hustle and bustle at my house. I loved everyone raving over my delectable dishes. I missed gussying up the house with decorations and placemats,little cards identifying the different foods. I'm an artist and a die hard crafter so I really got into making things to add that personal touch. I've grown to not only accept my new role in the family but I am currently ever so grateful for it. I still make the dressing,and the gravy. Those are my specialty items. This morning I went over to my sweet sister in laws house to prepare the stuffing and visit for a bit while she scurried about her kitchen. My pain level is soaring today and as she saw my struggling to do the neccessary chopping of veggies she offered her assistance. She didn't "insist" on doing it for me,as she knows how important it is for me to feel like I've made a contribution. I accepted that offer and took a break, coffee cup in hand and gratitude in my heart. I'm so thankful to have a family to share the load and understand that sometimes pain takes priority over food prep. I'm wondering, how have others handle the passing of the torch to others as their abilitis have waned. I hope you've all learned as I have there is no reason to feel guilt or shame in taking care of yourself so you too can enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

  1. *typo- s/b "right down to the mouth waterin' giblet gravy"

    1. HI Texasmomma! I am so glad you are able to enjoy your new role! It can be hard to shift our priorities for our health, but it sounds like you have done it with a lot of grace and humor! I think it's great that you are your sister-in-law can work together to make memorable Thanksgiving meals! Thanks so much for sharing and I am a little envious about that gravy! Mine is always a hot mess. Happy Thanksgiving! Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. It's good to know that you are able to enjoy your new role. My mother also makes dishes from guide régime that she found at . Your first few lines reminded me of my childhood days when I used to wait for thanksgiving as my mother cooked many interesting dishes for it.

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