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Covid and Celebrex?

Hello All,

First post here but I found out I have RA about 2 weeks ago. I''m referred to a Rheumotologist but that's about 2 months out. My primary doc prescribed Celebrex.

Then today My family and I test positive for covid.

So I wonder if Celebrex is contraindicated?

I'm just wondering your experience, I put in a message with my doc.

Thank you.

  1. Hi . Sorry to hear about the RA and COVID diagnoses. I can't speak to your particular case and it is very important to speak with your doctor about treatment. I can share with you this research article that "found no evidence of a harmful effect of routinely prescribed NSAIDs on COVID-19 related deaths. Risks of COVID-19 do not need to influence decisions about the routine therapeutic use of NSAIDs:" Concerning your first visit to the rheumatologist, you may want to inquire if they have a cancellation list, where they contact you to fill any immediate opening. Also, you may want to call to inform them of the COVID diagnosis and ask for guidance. Wishing you best and please feel free, if you like, to keep us posted on how you are doing. Richard ( Team)

    1. , I can't add much more to what Richard already wrote, but I second calling in and checking about a cancellation list. I know it's helped other community members get appointments in a more timely fashion.

      I hope you and your family have a very mild experience with Covid and no long haul symptoms! Keep us posted on how you all are doing, but only if you feel comfortable doing so.

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Thank you for your responses. I will call and see about cancellations. Great idea.
        I think I'm still hoping the rheumatologist says, "no this isn't RA, its this other mild thing that can be treated quite easily." (denial phase).

        1. , I totally understand that sentiment! Gentle Hugs, Erin, Team Member.

      2. My understanding is that the CDC has no data supporting that Celebrex during COVID is harmful.

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