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Covid shot

I will start my story by saying I did get both the Covid shots. I am not going to get the third because of my reactions to the first shots. I am not advising anyone else just voicing my opinion. Before the shots I was at the moderate to low level with my RA. It was being controlled by my Enbrel and methotrexate with only two flares which I felt were brought on by a bladder infection. Since the Covid shots I have had an almost constant flare it got so bad I could not even get up. I also developed another bacterial infection which took weeks to over come. I was tested three time for Covid as the Dr.’s felt my symptoms were the result of Covid and I kept telling my primary it was just a very bad flare.
My recent tests showed that Enbrel is no longer working to control my RA.
My Rheumatologist is trying to find another medication that will help me. I don’t have to tell anyone how bad my life is right now.
Because of my feelings I will not have the third shot.

  1. We appreciate you sharing your story and personal experience with us. Each community member's feelings and experiences are valid and this is a safe place for you to share. So glad to hear that you are communicating closely with your doctor about treatment options to address this awful flare you're having. It's important for others who have questions about the covid vaccine, or any other vaccine, to speak with their doctor about any questions and concerns. Wishing you some answers and relief very soon. Best, Kelly, Team member

    1. I think COVID shots should be a personal decision. I had both Pfizers with no reaction at all. However, I did have the Pfizer booster about a month ago and slept about 14 hours a day for 3-4 days after the shot. I never sleep more than 6 hours at a stretch.

      Since the booster I've also developed "secondary cataracts." Is this coincidental? Quite possibly. Is it due to the booster? Maybe not.

      I think it's easy to blame the shot for lots of things....but then again, RA is a roller coaster. So who knows?

      This much I DO know: I have COPD. If I were to catch COVID I am relatively certain that I would not survive if I had not had the shots. So, for me, the side effects [whether due to the shot of coincidental] are well worth the insurance.

      Again, it's everyone's personal decision.

      1. As I stated it is my personal opinion not to get a follow-up shot. I say this is up to each person. I only wanted to know if anyone else has had adverse effects from what they feel is the result of having the shots.

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