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Covid Vaccine And RA Flare???

I am sixty-six and have had severe JRA for over sixty years. My disease was 'burned out' according to my Dr's and I have not had inflamed joints since my late teen years. I took both Covid Vaccines about two months ago and I am now in what I consider a flare. I feel more pain that I remember as an adult. Anyone else seeing and uptick in flares after Covid Vaccine?
Jack The Cat

  1. Ouch! I am so sorry you are dealing with a possible flare, ! If you haven't done so already, I would recommend contacting your physician about what you are experiencing AND reporting your possible vaccine side effects. Here is some information on how to report vaccine side effects -- Also, here's some great information about the vaccines that you might find interesting -- Again, I am so sorry you are dealing with this and I hope other community members can chime in and share their vaccine experiences with you. For your sake, I hope this is just a one time fluke event and not a resurgence of your RA! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Not at all. I had my second shot almost two months ago.

      1. Drea, Im so happy to hear you are problem free. There is no way I would advise against the Covid Vaccine because the risk is more than my anecdotal experience of a possible flare.

        1. I too am having significant flares after second vaccine. I have a co-worker who also has RA and has been flaring after vaccine. Both of us have been well controlled on biologics for years and have not had flares like this since the early days of our disease. Sadly, he is thinking he may have to change medications. I am doing steroids and hoping it will pass. I hope you feel better soon.

          1. I too am having much more painful flare-ups. I changed to a plant based diet last year and it seemed to cure my RA. 6 weeks after my second Pfizer vaccine I had one of my worse flare ups in my history of 40 years of dealing with RA. I have not had COVID that I know about so I can’t say if the virus would be worse than the vaccine. I can only assume it would have been. It’s less painful now but my mornings are still a little rough where they were not before. Plus it’s now constant daily aches and pains with swelling. Im hoping this will subside soon and I can get back to normal. I will say I believe with the herbs, CBD and detox regiments im taking its getting better. Im not lining up for a booster. I’ve seen too many therapeutics with studies that knock out COVID-19 that I’ll chose over this experimental vaccine. It makes no sense to me take a vaccine when therapeutics are tested and extremely affective on eradicating the virus. I’m not against vaccinations, just ones that cause me extreme pain and have no real trials on it. Hope you feel better and please update if you get better. I’d love to know how long this will last

          2. Thanks for sharing. I think your story is a great example of "doing what works for you." I'm sorry that you have to experience the return of regular flares again, especially after the work you did to modify your diet. I hope that things improve as well - it sounds like you're pretty well researched and you also have a solid treatment plan that you're happy with given the circumstances, which is also good. Please let us know if you improve and how you're feeling! - Reggie ( Team Member)

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