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Dealing with RA fevers

I'm currently dealing with my latest of several RA fevers that I've had on and off these past couple months, and it's the hottest day of the year to make matters even worse. Does anyone have any tips on coping with a fever besides "drink lots of fluids, rest, and take over the counter painkillers"?

  1. Hi sorry you're struggling right now. I hope you feel better soon. This article and particularly the comment section has some tips ( I know from the article that it mentions the fever being for a low temperature and it sounds like you have a high one, but I am hoping this is helpful before others weigh in. - Warmly, - Reggie, team member

    1. Hi . I can't personally speak to this issue (although my wife, Kelly, is the author of the article Reggie shared), but I want to share with you this article which looks at the link between RA and fevers: I want to stress what the article notes about discussing these issues with your doctors. Hoping you get some answers and relief soon and please feel free to keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. Push fluids, rest as much as possible. Do must be done things in quick bursts, keep frozen water bottle to use as ice until it melts. Cuddle under my favorite blanket and add humidity to our dry air.

        1. At end of a bout of covid, I too was hit with pneumonia and in hospital 4 days. My RA doc told me to stop taking my Rinvoq at first sign of a virus. I've done that twice now, I didn't get sick and my RA stayed within control.

          1. , thanks for sharing! I am so sorry your had to deal with Covid and then pneumonia!

            I am glad you and your doctor have come up with a game plan that keeps you healthy and still keeps your RA in check.

            Best, Erin, Team Member.

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