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Diagnosed with arthritis on my right hip

I've been diagnosed with arthritis on my right hip. It has become very difficult for me to bend and do work. Until recently, I have had only minor discomfort but now I have started to get a lot of pain on my back. Will there be a need for any hip replacement? I am reluctant to have any operation. I take painkillers and I am thinking of undergoing physiotherapy treatment from Dynamic physiotherapy clinic nearby( ). I just wonder if others with hip arthritis experience similar pain. I'd appreciate advice from any follow sufferers of hip arthritis.

  1. Hi Sherryil, while you're waiting for some community input, I wanted to let you know that there are others here experiencing arthritis pain in the hip region. You are not alone! Some of our contributors have written great articles about their personal experience with this, including this article -- Here is another article covering RA symptoms (which I am sure you already know *all* about!) and some tips for managing them -- As far as hip replacement, well, some people with RA reach that need, but not all. Only you and your rheumatologist can say if and when you get to that point. I hope this helps. Thanks for being a part of this community. Have a good afternoon and thank you, Erin( Team Member).

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