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I experimented with my diet and the conclusion I came to is that SUGAR; specifically cola drinks; are the culprit in making my rheumatoid issues worse. I can drink them and almost immediately my joints cease up. It takes two days before I return to normal--normal being not rusted like The Tin Man.
I am pleased I've found this out about myself.
Goodbye, cola drinks...hello water!!!

  1. I'm so glad, , that you've had such success in finding that avoiding cola drinks to be so helpful in keeping some of your joint pain at bay! What a hug difference it sounds like it makes for you. Definitely worth giving up cola drinks for. Wishing you continued relief! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

    1. Hi . While everyone responds differently to dietary changes, you definitely are not alone in finding sugars to have an impact on RA. Our contributor Lisa wrote here about the impact cutting sugar for dietary reasons, but finding an unexpected added bonus of a change in her RA: Hoping you continue to have improved joints. Best, Richard ( Team)

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