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Has anyone gotten on disability with Sero negative RA?

I’m going to be applying for disability benefits in the near future. I have sero negative RA and I’m wondering If that makes it more difficult to get approved.

  1. Hi k4rand. It is good that you are exploring all of the potential things that could impact a disability application. Hopefully community members with some experience in this area will chime in with their experiences. I've never heard of someone with an RA diagnosis being denied disability for being seronegative. As this article from one of our contributors notes, up to 30% of cases are seronegative: As this article on understanding the Social Security Disability application process details, it is the totality of the condition that is important: You may want to search around our site further, as we have additional articles looking at SSDI and the various stages of the application process. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. @k4grand
      Yes, I was approved for SSDI and I am sero-negative. Keep us posted!!

      1. Thank you for responding long did it take to get approved? And did you have to get an Attorney?

      2. Hi ,
        I just happened upon our exchange from 6 months ago and was wondering if you have been approved yet for SSDI? Hopefully by now - you have!! Wishing you a pain-free, energy-filled day!

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