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Disney with RA

Let me start by saying I don't yet have a diagnosis of RA. I have 'inflammatory arthritis' but the rheumatologist said it will become RA.

My boyfriend and I are going to Disney in October. I am looking for advice on how to get through the trip. I've already had a cortisone injection in my knee but it only lasted for 2 weeks. I have a scooter on reserve, but I love to not have to use it and get the money back. However, I have no way of knowing if I'll need it at all during the trip. I could feel fantastic when I get there and not be able to walk by the end of the trip. I'm not sure if I should get another Cortisone shot right before we leave and hope it just gets me through the week. I also might talk to my rheumatologist about possibly getting an emergency dose of prednisone just in case of a flare. Does anyone think it might be safe to cancel the scooter if I go with the injection right before we leave? I know it's a lot of walking and it makes me nervous.

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