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Does anyone else have severe joint pain after your rheumatologist appointments?

By the time I leave the office and start the drive home my joints are aching so badly.
I’m new to this forum.

  1. I am new, as well. I know exactly how you feel, unfortanately. Currently dealing with pain, off and on. So difficult to navigate this disease. I have found much improvement with 30 minutes of brisk walking, every day. Stretches too. This has helped my pain level. Best of luck to you

    1. ncgirl7174,
      Ugh, the pain we defintiely hear you on this, you are not alone in the pain associated with RA. I know a lot of members express that the travel to and from the Dr. can make pain worse. Are you driving to your appts?

      I thought this article might help.

      Also, so glad to see that kiddthejack was able to comment on your question, hopefully everyone can connect and help support each other.
      Glad to have you both here.

      Warmly, Lauren ( Team)

      1. Yes, I drive to my appointments roughly around an hour each way

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