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Does CBD conflict with Humira? What else helps w/OA?

My wife has been afflicted with RA for much of her life and also has OsteoArthritis.
Humira seems to be helping her RA symtoms, but does nothing for her OA symptoms.
The only thing that helps the OA symptoms seems to be Prednisone - which is a problem.
Her Rheumatologist recommended that she wean herself off Prednisone, which she did.
BUT the ensuing OA pain was so severe that she resumed taking a minimum dose of Prednisone just to be able to function.
Thus far, there seems to be nothing else that relieves the OA symptoms but Prednisone.
The Rheumatologist says he can refer her to a Pain Management specialist and has no other recommendation other than opiod derivatives (which she reacts very badly to!)
Our Daughter-in-law has had some very painful medical conditions relieved by the use of CBD and other cannabinoids and highly recommends them
for relief from OA.
Any input from all y'all would be welcome!

  1. To my knowledge there are no studies that suggest that CBD is effective for arthritis. However, many people swear by it and in a recent reversal of a long standing practice the arthritis foundation has started accepting advertisements for CBD oil in Arthritis today.

    In a recent survey again done by the arthritis foundation greater than 15% of those surveyed said they use CBD oil. So will research come? No one knows for certain. But clearly many have decided it does work and they are using it.

    I hope if your wife does use it that it works for her.this study is often cited as being important in establishing a link. I question if it really shows a good linkage.

    rick - moderator.

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