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Could ear pain be a symptom?

I have had RA diagnosis for 6 months. Treatment seems to be going well as I have improvement in pain, stiffness swelling and especially fatigue. I know that bilateral symptoms are a common thing for RA and have had issues with both hands, both feet, etc. I recently had sharp pain in both ears pop up. Only had it for a day. Wondering if this is a symptom of RA as I doubt it's an ear infection as it came and went on its own so quickly.

  1. In my experience sharp or other pains may strike anywhere and any time. They may last for seconds, for months or anything in between.

    1. I had the same experience last year. My doctor asked me, "what do you have in the middle ear? Three small bones: the hammer, anvil and stirrups. They can become inflamed, too." So much for remembering high school biology! This might or might not be what you are experiencing so always check with your doctor when you have new symptoms. RA is such a beast! It can attack without warning in many ways.

      1. I too have had ears that feel full, like they are congested, but they are not. Sometimes pain. I usually have jaw pain also when this happens and definitely brain fog. So weird. I totally agree with you Sneed.

        1. HI MelissaTG! When community members experience a new or worsening symptom, we suggest they contact their physicians as soon as possible. While it could be related to RA, as others have suggested, it's always good to find out what's going on for certain. I do think other members have pretty much shared what I would have! I do hope you get some relief from this issue very soon! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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