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Eat Better With RA, Feel Better With RA?

RA Health Leader Franki recently shared her exploration into alternatives to medication, including changing her diet and lifestyle (Article: )

I am curious about your experience. Have you noticed a difference in how you feel after changing your diet? What diets have you tried?

*Note - I realize this topic is sensitive for many. I am not looking for anyone to advocate for any specific diet. Just curious about people's individual experiences.

  1. I try to eat Whole Foods . No added sugars . Try not to eat processed foods. More protein and fiber .
    I used to feel dairy was something to avoid but I honestly don’t see a difference when I eliminate it .
    Sugar I think is really important to try and limit . Ideally I’d like to ELIMINATE!!

    1. especially since i have T1 Diabetes, I am all in with you on the lowest crab possible.

  2. RAhall....I would like to ask you or the other members of this wonderful group if they suffer with stomach issues. I eat very well....but anything or nothing,, my stomach never feels right!! If I eat then I get bloated and pain, if I don t eat I get pain, meaning, this goes in everyday and all day! As I said I eat very healthy!!

    1. I have had IBS-D for years & it was getting worse… My gastroenterologist tested me with a breath test & turns out I also have SIBO, a small intestine bacterial overgrowth! There is an antibiotic that you can take every 6 months, but it only helps me a little. The SIBO diet really helps me though…
      My rheumatologist told me years ago that the gut issues are directly related to the RA. Hope this helps & praying that you get some relief, Marcela! 🙏💕🙏

    2. Hi . Thank you for sharing your story and what has helped you. I don't know if you are aware that we have a sister-site for IBS at There you will find the same level of information and support for that condition as you find here for RA. Best, Richard ( Team)

  3. Lrick and Lori....thank Dr did say to make an appt with a gastroenterologist, especially because my son has debilitating Chrons and my sister had colon cancer.....both have Colonoscopy bags but are alive and I thank God for that!!! Thank you for your support and advice!!! I m so grateful for all you!!! 🙏.. Marcela

    1. Hi . Glad to hear you are looking at seeing a gastro, particularly given the family history. I was going to echo about the autoimmune comorbidities that can impact the gastrointestinal system. In fact, if you want to take a look (and your son may also be interested), we have a sister-site for inflammatory bowel disease at Hoping you can get some answers and relief soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

    2. Thanks for sharing!! I can only speak from my experience but I had similar symptoms, as you. I went to the gastroenterologist and it turned out I had ulcers from the NSAID use. You know your body best and I always advocate for checking things out if you don't feel right!

      All the best, Monica (team member)

  4. Richard Faust and Lori, as always thank you!!!!!....My son, who is 42 now, was a marathon runner as was his wife, their goal was to run a marathon in each state of the USA.....they did about 5, their last one in Disney World....Right now, he has a good job that has let him work from home with no traveling, 3 great children and an incredible wife!!! But no....after so many surgeries, horrific pains, almost dying, all he can do now is biologics and meds and fighting with the insurance!! And he kids around, he should have no pain now that the Drs took "everything out". He has a colonoscopy bag for more than ten years....the pain and fatigue are still the summer he swims with his kids....that s about all he can do now....Still, I m happy that he has a great family that loves and supports him!! Sometimes, that s all we can hope for!!! God Bless you and all the people in this forum. 🙏 Marcela Maria

    1. I am glad your son is doing relatively well, , and that he has the support of his family, but I wish there was more doctors could do for him. Crohn's can be such a challenging disease. Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

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