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What can they do for me in the ER?

Recently I went to urgent care for a bad pain in my left hip. I figured they really couldn't do much, maybe a pain shot but at that point I wanted it! The doctor ended up not doing anything but taking an Xray because there were too many interactions with my current meds to give me a shot of any kind. She then referred me to the ER for a pain shot. I am always weary of the ER unless it is a real emergency. The last time I went it was for a kidney stone. So, if I was to go to the ER for this or for any unbearable RA related symptoms, what would they really do for me? Are we just supposed to "live with it" as bad as it gets because it is "Just RA"?

  1. That's odd. Why would the ER be able to give you a shot that the urgent care doc could not give? Were your interactions going to magically disappear? Actually, you would likely have waited long enough in the ER waiting room for all drugs to disappear from your system. And that summarizes my own family's very limited interactions with ERs.

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