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Essential oils and RA

I have been struggling with RA for several years and I have tried many things. I find that tumeric helps but in the last several months I have started taking Sulferzyme (young living) and using the essential oils. I no longer have pain! It is amazing! I can explain how to use the oils and help you through the process and the things I learned. It has been amazing......

  1. Healingnaturally,
    Thanks so much for your post in our forums. I am glad to hear your are feeling better and finding natural ways to help your RA. While different treatments work differently for everyone, we encourage our members to talk to their doctor before trying anything new. Thanks again for sharing and for being part of our community.
    Warmly, Lauren ( Team)

    1. I started using oils too. They took my pain away from my knee. It is bone on bone and it took the pain away. I couldn't believe it. If I walk a lot or if it is humid I notice a little pain. I use copaiba & palo santo.

      1. Thanks for sharing, sharoncookie57. I hope this relief continues for you! As Lauren said above, different treatment options can affect individuals in varying ways, however, we're so so glad to read that you've been experiencing some much needed relief! Yay! Thank you again for sharing! -Casey, Team

    2. I started using CBD oil drops under my tongue. After about a month using the oil, I am almost pain free! I am getting my life back and am so thankful to be taking something that God gave us for healing! It is truly a blessing! 😊

      1. Sorry, I'm new to this website and am reading post. Very interested in a more natural way to help with my RA pain. I've just been recently diagnosed and am taking an RX, but it takes over 4 weeks for med to help. I have pain in my hands and I've tried the Tiger Balm. What kind of oils are ya'll using?

        1. Thank you, I actually have one of those, hadn't even considered that. I will have to get it out and give it a try!

        2. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis GaylaW, but glad you are seeking out information. Concerning natural treatments, this article from our editorial team looks at natural remedies, vitamins, and supplements for RA: In addition, this article looks at alternative therapies: Know that this community is here for you with information and support. Best, Richard ( Team)

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