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Tips Wanted: Preparing for Event Accommodations

One of our RA patient leaders wrote about how she prepares for events to make them more RA-friendly (especially in pre-COVID-19 world).

What tips or recommendations do you have to make events better for attending when you have RA?

  1. If I go by myself I have to remember that I need not see or do it all. Take a breath man, you need not do it all at once. Live for next year, you get another day.

    1. I have a reunion coming up with long travel. I try to go an extra day early and stay an extra day at the end. Yes, it means a longer hotel stay, but then I am more rested on both ends. I try to stick as closely to my regular schedule whenever possible, even if it means taking meds during the festivities or finding a place to sit quietly. I try not to veer to far off from sensible eating and drinking. Even if it's hard, it's not worth a flare tomorrow! I NEVER rely on someone else for transportation. You are happy to go with me or leave with me, but I stick to it. I keep water in the car. I fly with food (sweet and salty) if I'm not in first class and both water and Pedialyte for hydration. I wear noise cancellation headphones to keep excess noise away to avoid over stimulation. My travel is long even when I'm not going too far since I live on an island that requires a ferry. I always know where the nearest/best hospital is. ALWAYS BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE. I sometimes cancel.

      1. wow, it sounds like you have really figured out what you need and what works best for you when traveling! I admire how much you've got this down, with the extra days sandwiching your trip, sticking to your regular schedule and food, and having your own transportation. The water, snacks, and noise cancelling headphones are great things to have on hand too. We appreciate you sharing how you've managed to make travel more RA-friendly! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

    2. Happy to share. Learning all the time.

      1. All good tips and I use most of them. For me, a (CHARGED DAMMIT!) cellphone is also on my list. I'm also thinking about getting one of those cane/walking sticks that can fold out to a small seat to perch on. I never know when I might need to sit.

        1. Those convertible walking sticks are such a great idea, . I have always wondered whether they are sturdy enough, but how awesome to have a seat available whenever and wherever you need it. If you get one, let us know how it works out for you. A charged cell phone is definitely a must. Thanks for weighing in. Best wishes! Lori (Team Member)

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