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Share Your Summer Footwear

Finding RA-friendly footwear that is comfortable (and stylish) can be a challenge. Below recommend your favorite footwear that is RA-friendly!

  1. Waiting for images!

    1. Yes, me too 😀

      Would you like to start things off perhaps and submit a picture? (No pressure - it's like being the first one in the pool) 😀

      -Reggie ( Team Member)

  2. Oh my goodness shoes are such an issue. I have been padding about slippers all winter or UGG boots which are comforting and helpful. However I find the most comfortable for me right now are the rubber soled Dansk clogs. My feet are always sore including especially the bottoms of my feet.
    My new but soon to be old rheumatologist told me that my foot pain is due to plantar fasciitis—-which is crazy. I have had plantar end it is nothing like the continued foot pain from RA.


    1. You're not kidding about comfortable shoes being an issue! Do you happen to have a photo of those Dansk clogs that you like? I know the community would love to see it!!! - Reggie ( Team Member)

  3. Okey Dokey, I'll go first 😉 I saw the podiatrist yesterday. I have had chronic Achilles tendinosis and bursitis for over 2 years. Last year he told me it wouldn't get better until I got my RD under control. It was better briefly this winter when I was mostly immobile for a different reason. But as soon as I started moving around a little, it flared big time. So back to the podiatrist. I had 3 choices: 1. surgery, which he did not recommend. 2. A CAM ankle immobilizer boot, which neither of us like because of the way it will change my gait and flare up my hips even more. 3. Heel lifts, ice and try Danskos. So, $300 later I have 2 pair of Danskos to trial. I opted for the sneaker type - quite comfortable and they have nice padding. Also a pair of sandals. All of their sandals have way higher heels than I am used to, but the point is to lift the heel and decrease the stretching force on the injured area. We'll see. The sneakers seemed helpful today. What I really need is a slipper type for inside at home as we try to not wear outside shoes indoors. With Hope and Best Wishes, Jo (moderator)

    1. I've found the Crocs literider line to be fabulous! The flip flops are soft with tons of padding.

      1. Thanks for sharing!!! 👟 👟 - Reggie ( Team Member)

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