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Is it safe to exercise on my knuckles?

I have always been active and I exercise at home following Youtube videos but I find hard to adjust these exercises to myself (because I want to go on with the lady on the video) so instead of e. g. doing mounting climbers I do it on my knuckles. But I would like to know if it's safe or not because I know my way isn't right way of doing these exercises. I do manage use my knuckles for 30-60 seconds until I don't feel my fingers (due to stopping blood flow in this position) or my knuckles does hurt. And I would really appreciate any ideas how to adjust these exercises or if I should just skip them.

  1. Hi Deamin. It is great that you are looking to continue to exercise. For your protection, we cannot give medical advice over the internet. It is common for those with RA to alter exercises to fit their abilities. Have you spoken to your doctor or a physical therapist? Our contributors have written quite a few articles on exercise and you may want to look through this search of our archive on the topic: Hopefully others will chime in on their experiences. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. Hello Deamin!!
      First I want to say that it is amazing that you are staying active and exercising. My fellow team member Richard sent a link to a great article from our site. I have also sent you a link to an offsite article
      What I like about the article is it talks about "listening to your body". It also talks about "avoiding unneccesary stress on your joints and ligaments that support them."
      I can tell you I am a dancer, primarily tap. Its is considered a high joint impact activity. However, I have sought help from medical team (physician, physical and occupational therapists), on how to properly adapt my exercise routine without having to delete a particular exercise or tap step in my case from my life.
      My general rule when I exercise, is that if it hurts or my body reacts in a way that I don't feel is normal I temporarily STOP that exercise.
      If you haven't already done so reach out to your physician or physical/occupational therapist. You would be amazed at how a therapist can help you to adapt your exercise routine.
      Again, Deamin I applaud your efforts to continue to exercise. I also can see from what you wrote that you are in tune with what your body is telling you. That is so key. Thanks for your post! You are part of our rheumatoid family and we would love to hear back from you with any other questions or concerns you might have. Please keep us updated on how your exercise program is coming along.
      Just Keep Swimming,
      Lynn Marie ( Team)

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