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Is fatigue common with RA? I was diagnosed with RA a couple of months ago although I've been symptomatic for several years. I've noticed that I just get extremely tired in the middle of the day. I will be at work and all I can think about is how can I get home to bed.

Any suggestions?

  1. Hi Scott, sorry for your recent diagnosis. Unfortunately, fatigue can be one of the most common and frustrating symptoms of RA. Your description is spot on for how many of us feel. It's checked for in most survey tools used by doctors and researchers. For me, it often becomes a situation of just trying to manage my day and activities but that doesn't always work. You can read more about it at this link.

    1. Fatigue is My Friend...😉...
      Even after ALL this time it's hard. Sometimes family and/or friends just don't get it...🙁...
      Pacing ourselves.
      Saying No!
      I Sleep.
      I am no longer able to work...that was hard but part of accepting that I could no longer do it...🙁...

      1. Loretta, you hit the nail on the head...RA induced fatigue is a real beast!

        1. I've learned so far that if I wake up feeling tired, I'll need to pace myself that day. Fortunately my job allows up to 2 hours in the morning to report to work (by 9), so I'm able to take it slow if I need to.

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