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FDA rejects Eli Lilly's Baracitinib

Anybody know any more about the FDA rejecting the drug Olumiant aka Baracitinib? Eli Lilly had partnered with a company called Incyte and it was supposed to be in the same class as Xeljanz. I think they said it was a JAK inhibitor. Do you know who is doing trials or why it was rejected specifically? Have they put it on the backburner or are they still going forward with it?

  1. ktinflorida,
    Thanks for reaching out this is certainly a great question and I am looking forward to seeing if the community does know anything further on this treatment.

    We will take this back to our team too to see if they have anymore information.
    Many thanks-
    Lauren ( Team)

    1. I saw an update on Mad Money with Jim Cramer on CNBC yesterday. He said the med had been approved and was in use in Europe so everyone thought the FDA approval was a sure thing. He mentioned that it is likely a year or even two before it will get resubmitted. Not sure if it is because it needed more study or if the company decided to focus on their other meds that they have in the pipeline. Evidently they are also working on some promising cancer drugs.
      Eager to hear what you find out. Curious if we know anyone in Europe who is on it.

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