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Which of my conditions is responsible for my flare-ups?

I’ve had RA for over 16 years. 2 years ago, Fibromyalgia was added to the mess. I’ve been having very painful flares recently. Is there a way to tell which illness is causing them? If it’s the RA, I may need to switch my meds. But how to tell? 😫

  1. Hi ,

    I have read many times that Fibromyalgia commonly worsens RA. This seems to make sense in your case. Have you talked to your doctor about it? Check out this info from our site on Fibromyaglia and RA:

    Hope this helps!
    Best wishes,
    Franki ( Team)

    1. I too have both. I never know which symptoms are which. I don't self medicate. It really doesn't matter if it's one of the other or combination. It is mean! Keep your doctor in the loop and your chin up. Good luck friend.

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