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Finnish sauna or Infrared sauna for RA

I would like to build in my house a small sauna, which give me a lot of relief to my poor joint.
I am struggling to make a decision between a Finnish sauna or Infrared sauna. I enjoyed several times in the past both of them.
Does anyone have personal experience with sauna and RA?

  1. Hi, .! I can't offer any personal insight into saunas, but I thought this article from a few years ago might be interesting for you -- . You're definitely not the only one in this community that finds the sauna helpful.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thank you so much for pointing out this very good article of Kate Elton.

  2. Hi . Like , I can't personally speak to the benefits of either of these types of sauna, but I did find this pilot study finding some benefits to the infrared sauna: In addition, while this article article is looking at the benefits of thermal therapy for heart disease, this paper notes that, from a clinical perspective, infrared sauna has been shown to be effective for pain and that Finnish sauna has positive effects for those with RA: It certainly sounds like both have the potential to be helpful. Your doctor or a physical therapist may have some additional thoughts. Hoping you enjoy, whichever direction you go. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Richard, I really enjoyed reading the articles you mentioned. They really helped me to make a final informed decision. Thank you again.

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