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Flaring just after visit to PT?

I was diagnosed with RA in Nov 2017, when I was actually feeling pretty well. However, before I was diagnosed my primary doc, not my rheumatologist) seemed pretty certain that I would benefit from physical therapy (PT) (much of my RA results in neck stiffness that affects normal movement), but I never took him up on his offer for a referral to PT. On my second visit to the rheumatologist after being diagnosed, she also offered to refer me to PT. This time I consented and I had a good session the therapist, but he warned me that going to hard in PT may result in a flare. After my first PT appointment, where he prescribed some very light stretching (that I did not even do to the frequency he prescribed) I began to flare. Has this been your experience? Are the two incidents (PT and the flare) related?

  1. The same thing happened to me. I don't know the answer.

    1. I was told in India at the Dalai Lamas medical Institute that if I was really careful and did not do to much activity I would improve slowly.

      45 Minutes of Aqua therapy wiped me out for a week.
      30 minutes with many breaks only did me in for 1/2 a week.

      I started my exercising with 5 minutes a day. Now some days I can do 15-20 if I keep a strict Eastern advised diet.

      I do not work, do any housework, have help with cooking and laundry. When I start to feel better I can do a little. If I do too
      much I am ill the next day even if I keep the diet.

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