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What are everyone’s thoughts on getting the flu shot?

Curious about people’s reactions (if any) after they have had the flu shot... I usually don’t... but this year I’m basically being forced as a condition to see my Dad who is in aged care... I know some people I know get very sick... others don’t.

  1. Hi and thank you for your question here! While you wait for others to chime in on their own experiences with the flu shot, I wanted to share some resources we have on the subject. Here's an insightful article from Wren, for starters: Others can be found here: I hope this is helpful to you! Sending love, Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Hello ! Thank you so much to reaching out to your family. It really is a great question. I have always been strongly encouraged to receive the flu shot, because of my history of being a healthcare provider. I was diagnosed with RA arthritis 16 years ago. So it also was encouraged because of my immune system being suppressed.
      I can understand any reservations you might have receiving the flu shot. Especially receiving a flu shot with a diagnosis of RA. Everyone does respond differently. I would recommend that your discuss receiving the flu shot with your doctor. He or she would know your specific medical history and would ultimately be your best resource.
      I have not had any major issues or side effects when I have received the flu shot on a yearly basis. The only thing I did notice is an increase in my fatigue level for about 2 days after the shot. However, that did fatigue was noticeable, but did not impede me from carrying out my necessary activities.

      Best of luck to you with you decision on receiving or not receiving the flu shot. I have personally found it beneficial and it has protected me through flu seasons.

      I personally always felt better knowing that it increased any chances of not passing the flu to my elderly parents.

      Thanks again for reaching out. ~Just Keep Swimming, Lynn Marie " Team Member"

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