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Are flu-like symptoms normal with RA?

Are 1-2 days of sudden flu-like symptoms every 1-2 weeks normal with RA?

  1. Hi ! Thanks for your question. Another community member asked this a few weeks back - I thought you may want to check out the response here: I hope this helps! -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Good morning ! My fellow team member Alesandra sent you a link to a great article. It will help address your great question. I am also sending a link to an article that you might also find helpful
      I have personally lived with RA going on 16 years. I have for all of those 16 years felt at times when I am in a rheumatoid flare up flu like symptoms. All of the research articles I have read and numerous talks and visits with my physicians have confirmed that yes flu like symptoms appear to be directly connected to a RA flare up. I currently am in a flare for about 14 days and am having flu-like symptoms. However, I want to caution you to monitor yourself closely, given the presence of COVID-19 in society today. You might want to be in contact with your doctor, if you already haven't done so to monitor your symptoms. Your doctor would be best to advse you if you need any further testing. Again, thank you for you post. Feel free to post any other questions that you have or might come up.

      I truly hope you start to feel better soon. You are part of our Rhuematoidarthritis. net family, so please keep in touch.
      Just Keep Swimming-Lynn Marie ( Team)

      1. Hey !

        Thanks for reaching out. Have you spoken to your doctor about these symptoms? It's a great idea to keep them informed and s/he may have some recommendations on how to manage the symptoms.

        In addition to the great articles Alesandra and Lynn shared, I wanted to share one with community thoughts on the subject and another from Carla who discusses her experience.

        I hope these articles are also helpful to you. and

        If you are comfortable sharing, we would love to hear an update on how you are feeling. All the best, Monica ( team)

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