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Cold, painful feet relief - any help?

Has anyone found a product that helps with cold painful feet? This seems to be a mixed blessing of my RA.

It keeps me assured I am still alive, but it is very uncomfortable. Thank you.

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  1. Hi clcurran! Sorry you're experiencing foot pain. Please know that it is a very common symptom of RA.

    I'm sharing an article about foot pain treatment and relief options that might be helpful! Thanks for sharing your question.

    Take care,

    Reggie ( Team Member)

    1. Hi clcurran. On top of the excellent information from Reggie, I also want to mention Raynauld's Syndrome. I noticed that you mentioned that one of the symptoms you are experiencing in your feet is coldness and Raynauld's, which can often be comorbid with RA, is characterized by cold in extremities. This article from our editorial team goes into further detail: Of course, this is a symptom, particular this time of year, that can be caused by a number of things and only a doctor can provide proper diagnostics. Hope you get some answers and relief soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

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