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I was diagnosed with RA 18 months ago, i have had 3 lots of medication but unfortunately I had severe reactions to all, so have been on nothing for the last 12months, I struggle daily with pain and swelling in my feet and knees, and the fatigue is overwhelming!, I’m constantly told by my consultant that I don’t present in the normal way, feel they have no idea what to do with me, no plan, while I feel I’m struggling daily mentally and physically, any advice please

  1. Obviously, we cannot offer detailed advice since we are not doctors and even if we were we could not offer ideas over the internet.

    However, I would ask that you consider or reconsider biologic medications. With the number of these medications on the market, it would be uncommon that one would not work. Using the first one is not always successful. In my case the first one was tremendously successful then in the course of six years, I tried five different ones. I am now taking one that I have used for almost nine years. My point is that at the moment today's technology is a bit of a crapshoot for most of us. But usually if one keeps trying one works out........................... (rick)

    1. I can’t try the biologics until I fail at standard treatments, which my consultant won’t start me on any, I’m very willing to try but consultant not!

  2. Oh I apologize. You said you have had 3 lots of medication. I falsely assumed you were speaking of three biologic medications. My fault.

    1. , I'm so sorry you're in this position. Living with RA is challenging enough, but then being told you're 'rare' within the RA community is even harder! Ugh! Please know you are NOT alone in this! There are others that have struggled to find the right treatment combination. I thought you might appreciate this piece from one of our contributors about the struggle to successfully treat RA -- Also, while this is no cure, I wanted to share some tips and tricks for managing RA flares -- and pain --

      I do hope you and your doctor hit on the right medication for you very soon! And if you feel your physician isn't meeting your needs, you have every right to seek a second (or third!) opinion!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

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