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LET'S SHARE our list of favorite yoga, tai chi, Qigong and other gentle forms of exercise!

When I was 50 I'd had fibromyalgia for 15 years. I got off of all my meds by walking and doing yoga. Fast forward a few years and I've had a hip replacement and have RA. I'm struggling finding the right yoga routine that fits my needs and is gentle enough.

I'm wondering about TaiChi or Qigong?

Please give input on a DVD, website or class that's helped you.

Here's 2 I've used:

#1: Yoga for Inflexible People, Judi Rice, Body Wisdom
This is what I did years ago and is my goal now. Great 45 minute routine for Shoulders & Hips. Love and miss this one!

#2 Yoga for Arthritis, Peggy Cappy.
Mine is part of a 3 CD set. She demonstrates three different levels to do each pose. Depending on where your symptoms are, this is a good place to start. Currently, it's a bit too hard on my hips.

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