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Gluten and RF

Hi, all,
I do not have a confirmed diagnosis yet, but my RF level is slightly elevated (3x) and I do have pain in my arms and elbows, not a joint pain but more like a fibromyalgia. I was prescribed with meloxicam, but haven't started the medication yet.
So, I tried to go gluten-free for a past month. I ate some processed food that might contain gluten like ketchup or condensed milk, but I strictly avoided gluten grains, bread, beer, etc. Yesterday I got the new test results and my RF level is back to normal. However, my fingers and elbows still ache and I still experience a morning swelling of fingers.

Did anyone test RF levels after going gluten-free?
Does anyone have a similar experience?

  1. No. I did cut out gluten about 95%. I feel much less drowsy and no loose bathroom trips. I don't have the RF positive test to start with. I hope you find some answers!

    1. Hi Ulyanis. There are a number of things that can raise rheumatoid factor besides RA, such as infections, mixed connective tissue disease, some other autoimmune conditions, and more. Your doctor should be able to provide additional information. Diet is one of those things that can impact RA differently for different people. In this article one of our contributors writes about the dilemma of diets having varying impacts: A gluten-free diet has certainly been effective for some in the community and hopefully others will chime in with their experiences. Best, Richard ( Team)

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