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Has anyone removed gluten and artificial sweeteners?

Has anyone removed gluten and artificial sweeteners to reduce fibro pain?

  1. I'm working on it. I have gone 3 weeks without any diet soda (my big weakness) and the sudden twitching when I try to fall asleep has stopped. I thought I might have Parkensens, but now I am gaining hope that I don't.. Some people are sensative to preservatives in addition to the artificial sweetners. Alot of foods/drinks contain both. It's hard to tell what's causing your bad reactions.

    1. Hey ! That's so great! I am glad you're noticing a good difference from cutting out the sugars. I hope you continue to feel better. Please update me (if you feel comfortable) on your progress. I would love to hear about it!! ~Monica

  2. Thanks for your info! I’m glad the changes helped you. So far I stopped sweet soda and tea and noticed that I am way less drowsy. The highs and lows of blood sugars affected me more than I thought. I also removed gluten and have less diarrhea and gas. I blamed that on my RA meds. I am looking forward to see if my fibro calms down. My rheum. said it can help some people. I have been eating too much junk food anyway. I wil keep trying and start again if I mess up. It isn’t easy to stick with new changes—for sure!

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for reaching out. I hope more community members chime in with their experiences.

      I thought I would leave this article here, it's not necessarily about gluten and sugar but does contain information on other natural supplements:

      I also thought you might like this article on 10 foods that might aggravate symptoms: and this one:

      I know from personal experience that reducing my sugar intake helps me but not enough that I would cut it out completely..

      I hope you continue to trend upwards! Please update us on whether you notice any difference with your fibro! ~Monica

      1. I have cut gluten and almost all the aggrevating food from my diet. I basically just eat green vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, herbs,..) and Fish. Occasionally other meet. And I only use Olive oil or coconut oil in abundance. I also drink a lot herbal tea and occasionally wine. I have never felt so healthy. I am on medication too, so I guess that also helps. But all my pain is almost gone. I never feel tired and I even have more energy for exercise. I will gradually add other food back except gluten. I hope I will stay gluten free for the rest of my life.

        1. Oh wow! That is awesome for you!!!

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