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Is anyone having hand and foot spasms?

My fingers and big toe are spasming and locking up. It used to be only momentarily but now is lasting for a few minutes. Now I have to try to position them back into place. Is this a side effect of RA or the meds? Just came upon my year anniversary of diagnosis.

  1. Hi ! Thank you for your question here. Sorry to hear about your fingers and big toe experiencing this - ugh. While you wait for other community members to chime in here on their own experiences, I wanted to share a couple of posts from our site with you that might be helpful. One is a Q&A post around muscle twitching with some insightful responses: Another is also a Q&A post, this time about joints locking up: Perhaps these will give you some answers as you wait for folks to chime in here! Warmly, Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Hi cjc3. Sorry you are having these issues. On top of the excellent information provided by Alesandra, I want to emphasize the need to report these new symptoms to your doctor. The hands and feet are often the first areas to show RA related damage. I'm not remotely saying that is your issue - everyone's situation is different and this is the reason only a doctor can provide proper diagnostics. My wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), also finds a podiatrist very helpful for monitoring issues with the feet and an occupational therapist useful for the hands. Hoping you can get some answers. Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. Thank you Richard. I had an appointment and explained all to my Rheumatologist- which I really like and he is changing my meds to a biologic. He wants Enbrel, but insurance prefers I try Humira first. Any opinion on either?

        1. Yes, I do. I thinkI have the same thing. They are extremely painful and sometimes it happens when I am cutting food, locking my hand tight on the knife handle. I find that I have to use my other hand to loosen my fingers so that I can put the knife down. The ones in my feet, are equally as painful causing my foot to turn inward and twist. I have to stand on my foot with the other foot to get it to release. I have found that using magnesium spray topically as these start does stop them. I keep it on my nerves get stand . This topical application also helps “charlie horse” pain as well.

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