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how many people have coronary heart inflammation / disease from RA? I have had several stents put in after the triple bypass failed. My veins were not compatible being used in the bypass. The RA evidentially hampers the elasticity of the veins...

  1. Hi . So sorry you are having these coronary issues. I can not personally speak to these, but I can share this page from the Cleveland Heart Lab on the cardiac risks from RA, including some of the stats: How have you been doing since the stents were put in? Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. Initially had 3 stents after triple bypass failed. Last March (2021) had another stent put in. See my cardiologist regularly.
      Keep nitro near by! RA also has damaged my kidneys, feet, etc. Internal and external problems. I take Remicade infusion, hydroquinone, and methotrexate. Manage the symptoms is all that I can do, plus keep a good attitude!

      1. It is as much about inflammation as it is about the disease specifically. I have RA and type 1 diabetes with very low cholesterol, yet I have had two stents. The reason is inflammation caused by RA, Diabetes, or goodness knows what.

        So yes, as Richard suggested above, RA does contribute. But so does any inflammation.

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