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Hi to all

Hi i am New to this forum and think i have Rheumatiod Arthritis
Going to make another appointment to see Gp next week.
I all of a Sudden got really sore feet below my toes it feels as if i have
Marbels under my skin inside my feet right sore to walk 0n and my
Big toes keep swelling up and really not nice to walk on at all.
Anyone else had this n what can i do about it.
Hope i get some good answers from docs next week will let you know
what they say when ive been.


  1. Hello to you,
    The entry right before yours was interesting and could maybe say something to what you are experiencing. Have you seen a rheumatologist yet? Sounds painful, whatever you are experiencing. Hope you find answers soon. Go back to the entry before yours and read the response especially.
    Wishing you good news instead of bad, but also wishing you answers.

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