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What new hobbies can one take up with RA?

Hi Everyone, My mum retired last year and had been quite unwell recently, a possible side effect of her medication. It's been a long road but doctors are trying to get the bottom of it. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on how myself and my sister could be more supportive and if anyone knows of any hobbies my mum could take up that would help or wouldn't cause pain?

  1. Hi MKMW. The fact that you are reaching out already speaks volumes about the level of support you give your mother. I thought of this article from one of our contributors counting her blessings for her support network: I thought reading about the ways these people show support might be helpful. In addition, this article addresses "When Your Loved One Has RA:" Concerning hobbies, it really depends on what your mother enjoys. Maybe try to think of joint friendly versions of things she already likes. In addition, one of our contributors writes about how puzzles can be a diversion, stress reliever, and keep the mind working: Here is another contributor, who is an artist, writing about how she found new ways to continue her drawing: These are just a couple of examples of the fact that, even in the face of RA, there are many options for staying active. Please know that you and your family are always welcome here for information and support. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. The best way to be supportive is just to be there when your mom asks for help. People like us who have RA don’t like to ask for assistance as a rule of thumb, but we do have to sometimes. I’m sure your mom will find a balance. As for hobbies, obviously stuff like bike riding and needlepoint are out, but after years of not being able to do real physically intensive stuff myself, I have found other alternatives. As Richard said, puzzles are a good one, also video games like tetris or solitaire. Audio books are another good idea, especially if your mom likes to read. Good luck and let us know if you need anything. Keep on keepin’ on, Daniel P. Malito ( Team Member)

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