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After trying Avara for 4 months and Methotrexate for 4 months, my doctor now wants to add Humira to the mix. Anyone have luck with this combination? No pain relief in 8 months!

  1. Hi Laurie, Sorry you haven't had much pain relief. It's a good thing that your doctor is wanting to change your treatment combination. If the disease-modifying drugs (DMARDs) like Arava and Methotrexate aren't enough to keep your RA in check, then the treatment protocol calls for adding a biological like Humira. Research shows, and many patients find, that a combination of a DMARD and a biological works well. And it's not uncommon for patients to need to try multiple combinations to find the one that works best for them. We're all different and respond differently to medications. I'm currently on methotrexate and a biological and it's working for me. But that is after trying many combinations. I hope it works for you! Andrew

    1. Andrew - thank you for your reply - at least I know there's hope. I checked the price of Humira on line and when I saw $2700 per dose, I figured maybe there's something else out there. I'm checking with my insurance company to see what, if any, they will pay. Again, thanks!

  2. Insurance companies usually cover the cost of Humira and other biologicals as long as the diagnostic and treatment protocol are followed. And there are generous co-pay assistance plans offered by the pharma companies.

    1. Hi Laurie -

      Andrew is right - if your insurance company will not cover enough of the cost of Humria you should look to see if they offer a co-pay assistance program. I have personally utilized the co-pay assistance programs to try Remicade and then Enbrel, and Enbrel ended up making a huge difference to my quality of life. So please don't rule out a particular medication because of its price tag as there may be a way to get it paid for! And it may end up helping you a lot! Best of luck!


      1. My Drs office gave me & helped me to get the Humira co-pay. After my insurance pays they then apply the Humira co-pay. My cost is $5.00 yes five dollars! Thankful for this ask your Dr or pharmacist about it.

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