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I am new here. Hello everyone! I have been diagnosed with RA for about a year now. I have a whole slew of other autoimmune disorders as well. Wondering if anyone here is on Humira. I've been using it for about 8 months now. It took a good 5 months to even notice if it was helping but now I'm having a weird thing happen. I dose every other week. It seems that 2-3 days before my dose is due I hurt so bad I can hardly stand it. I don't know if this is something to be expected or if it just really isn't helping me much. I don't take anything else with it except for ibuprophen. My doctor is starting to give me the impression of being somewhat of a quack in that he keeps telling me that my pain isn't from RA. My hands hurt so bad I want to cry at times and they are starting to get disfigured. Anyone here have experience with Humira? If anything I have said makes sense please...I'd love to talk to you!!

  1. Hello, and thanks so much for reaching out with your questions! I took Humira for about a year and then switched to another biologic (Orencia) because the Humira was not effective enough for me. However, I did not experience what you are experiencing, an uptick in symptoms shortly before needing your next dose. Rather, my symptoms never diminished as much as my doctor and I had hoped.

    I agree that sounds very strange that your doctor is saying the pain isn't from RA. Is he a rheumatologist? If so, I encourage you to consider getting a second opinion, and if not, I recommend you find a rheumatologist. It can often be difficult to find rheumatologists, so I'm including an online tool for locating rheumatologists:

    Rheumatoid arthritis is notoriously painful, so I'm very surprised to hear that your doctor doesn't think it is your RA that is causing the pain in your hands (if he was offering a different diagnosis or referring you to another specialist or for additional tests that would be one thing, but just saying it isn't from RA is indeed a head-scratcher). While you try to navigate seeking a second opinion and/or altering your current treatment plan (there are several other biologics and other options aside from Humira:, this article with suggestions from on community members on managing pain may help:

    When I'm in a flare, a dose-pack of prednisone or methylprednisolone can be a lifesaver. I have lots of mixed emotions about taking these corticosteroids (here' an article I wrote about the pros and cons I experience:, but they can make the difference between getting on with my life and being laid up in bed from the pain. If your current doctor has not prescribed a corticosteroid or suggested altering your current treatment plan, these are things you may want to discuss with him.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions! I know how difficult it is to experience excruciating pain on a frequent basis, and I want you to know that we are here for you!

    1. Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. Yes, my doctor is a Rheumatologist, but he is a DO rather than a DR, which really shouldn't make that much difference except that he truly believes that symptoms are a result of diet, lifestyle, weight etc. While I do agree with him to a certain degree, those aren't the only things that cause symptoms. I have taken prednisone in the past. He didn't put me on one of the dose packs, he just put me on 20 mgs twice a day I think and I turned into a raging idiot. I am home from work today, in terrible pain and all the tells me to do is use aspiracream. That doesn't do anything. I think I am going to fine a new doctor. Only problem is I live way out in the country and I have a choice of two. I've seen both now. The first one put me on an assortment of antidepressants that didn't help, She did not dx me with RA, she says I have CREST and Fibro. My new doc doesn't believe in Fibro and he doesn't even listen to me when I ask him about the CREST. This is such a pain, sometimes I just want to give up and just try to get by.

      1. I've joined this forum so I can read more about this specific drug called Humira. thank you all for sharing info about this! I'm going to continue my searching now!

        1. Hi Unpoid! I know many of our members have used Humira and I hope they chime in and share their experiences and knowledge with you. In addition, we have quite a bit of information on Humira, which you may have already found if you have been searching this site! Here is some basic information on the safety and side effects of Humira -- Also, here is some information specifically about Humira (how it's administered, how often, etc) -- If you need any more information on the treatment, please let me know! Thanks for being a part of the community. I am glad you are here. Best, Erin, Team Member.

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