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I started Humira a little over 2 months ago. Just wondering how long before I notice the results. Visiting says I should start to notice but doctor says I have a ways to go. I have much pain in my feet which I used to treat with cortisone injections but the doc wants to hold off on these for now. This impedes my usual exercise of walking.

  1. Hi @kksmadre,

    I tried many medications before I found the one that works for me. My rheumatologist had me try out each medication for about 3-6 months before we moved onto the next. I am using Actemra now and I think I remember noticing that it really started to work after a few months. I would listen to your doctors advice and give Humira a little more of a chance to work for you. As frustrating as waiting around is, my rheumatologist did eventually find a medication for me that has worked wonders in managing my pain.

    As far as the steroid injections, I think your doctor is right. Before my rheumatologist and I found the proper medication for me, I would get really bad flare ups in my elbows and knees. My rheumatologist at the time suggested steroid injections to ease the pain. It definitely did help but they forgot to mention that if you do it one too many times in the same joint you are at risk for skin atrophy. The skin on my right elbow is now permanently thin and extremely susceptible to bruising and cuts. It is also unsightly, in my opinion, and I do get a lot of questions about it. I sincerely wish that my rheumatologist had warned me of this possible side effect. Be careful when using steroids to aid in alleviating pain!

    Hang in there! Definitely keep us updated on how things go!

    Wishing you the best,
    Franki ( Team)

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