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Humira and purpura or petechiae?

Anyone taking Humira ever been diagnosed with either purpura or petechiae as a reult of use? I have been breaking out with one/two purplish red spots which look like both of the above named conditions.
I Googled this subject and there is soemthing about Schoenline purpura, can't remember the exact name,
sorry. Thanks. 😀

  1. Hi Tanialee, I personally did not experience this with any RA meds. But there are many reasons for these symptoms and you should contact your doctor about it.

    1. Hi Tanialee: Humira was the first biologic that I was on after being diagnosed and "failing" on methotrexate. I have petechiae but have been told that it's a result of uncontrolled inflammation as opposed to a side effect of the RA drugs. In my case (and perhaps yours), there is still some residual inflammation that is in your system and causing the problem.

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