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Humira miracle....but...

Hi guys! I'm new here. My PsA battle began 3 years ago. I've tried MTX, Enbrel and Cimzia without any substantial improvement. I respond beautifully to prednisone but we all know why that can't be a daily part of life. Last Thursday, I took my first Humira shot. I was knee-deep in one of the worst flares I've had (which was basically a month long nightmare) so I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when I I woke up the next morning (yes, morning!) feeling about an 85% improvement. I have a Masters in Nursing so it wasn't making logical sense to me, but it happened. I didnt spend much time thinking about it, I just enjoyed the best week I've had in years and carries on.
Yesterday's, so about 10 days in to the 2 week period, I started feeling bad again. Today, the pain is almost "normal" bad levels. I have two more shots in my fridge and I'm seriously contemplating goin ahead with dose #2. I've seen posts online that say weekly dosing can we indicated so I would think every 10-day dosing would be ok too. Has anyone else experienced something similar? How many of you needed weekly dosing for improvement?

Thank you!

  1. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks so much for reaching out with your question and sharing your story. That's so wonderful that the Humira seems to have made such an immediate improvement. That definitely isn't standard, but the immune system is a mysterious thing, so it's great when when we can be outliers in a good way instead of being outliers in the not-so-pleasant ways.

    As far as dosing, I definitely recommend you check with your rheumatologist. Perhaps s/he can recommend a different schedule for you. I took Humira but only on the standard dosing schedule, and haven't heard about more frequent injections. However, since you have heard of that perhaps it is something your doctor might recommend. As biologics are immunosuppressants it's important that your treatment is approved by a medical professional so that you don't run into unintended side effects.

    We're so glad you're in our community and hope you will continue to share your experiences with us. I also hope that the Humira continues to provide you relief, and that hopefully as you're on it for longer that it might help for longer than 10 days.

    Wishing you all the best,

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