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I'm new


i'm new to this, but got diagnosed in January this year with osteoarthritis in my spine and hip after suffering since i was 16 (now 24). Just wondering if theres anyone else with the same here, who can share what they do to ease the pain (other the tablets), and how they cope with really bad days? Finding it quite difficult to come to terms with really. i am constantly tired, which isnt helping to motivate me to exercise- got into a viscous cycle.

editor's note: link deleted because blog was in another language.

  1. Hi Julioalmeda219,

    Thanks for reaching out and we are glad that you found our site. While we are sorry to hear about your diagnosis and pain, you are not alone. Pain is a common topic discussed in our community.
    We have a few articles on tips and tricks to help with pain, here they are:

    I know you mention fatigue and it is certainly complex and poorly understood so again you are not alone here I hope the community can provide you with some support on this. Here is an article that may be helpful:

    Please reach out to us anytime.
    We are glad to have you here!
    Lauren ( Team Member)

    1. It has taken a long time for the rheumatologist to say I have RA despite having a RF of 60 for some years. My CRP has been normal but I do have a higher than normal ferritin level. I also have Meniere's disease and Coeliac disease. Do other people with RA have any of these other problems?

      1. Hi!
        I'm new too. From Denmark, 34 years old. With RA officially 2 years, but from time when i felt first unusual pain in my toe and after two days paid visit to doctor to talk - i had it from July 2013. As next two years all of them said - x-ray show nothing, we do not know. After 2 years i got tired and said that will not leave my seat till i get sent to CR-scanning. Then all came out officially. In short that's my story.

        1. Hi I'm new too I just got diagnosed with RA May 3rd 2017 my RA Doctor started me on Methotrexate 2.5 mg and Vitamin D and folic acid I'm so overwhelmed I'm not sure what to say or do

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