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What can I expect from injections?

Hello, I have just been told that I will be having injections of Humira. I will be stopping the Plaquenil, leflunamide, & methotrexate. What can I expect from this new method of drugs? I am pretty frightened. Thank you.

  1. GrammieSue: I think everyone experiences things differently. Many of us have only minor impacts. But depending on the type of medication and the number of injections the impact might be more. I suggest talking to your doctor about the impact of specific injections. I wish you well .

    1. Hi GrammieSue. In addition to the excellent advice from Rick on consulting with your doctor, thought you might be interested in this compilation of thoughts from the community on handling the injections: Also, you may already have much of this information, but this article from our editorial team gives an overview of Humira: Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. Grammie Sue, good luck on your Humira! I’ve done courses of 2 different home injections, Humira, then Enbrel. My advice:
        1. Ignore other people’s doomsday stories! These meds work very well for many, many people! The ones doing well are out living life, not posting stories.
        2. Take advantage of the drug company’s Nurse Assistance programs, and their apps for your phone if you can. They can even be on the phone with you as you do your first injections.
        3. The package inserts frequently suggest setting out your med to come to room temperature before injecting. This makes it more comfortable. I usually put mine in my pocket or bra to get it body temperature.
        4. Log your symptoms so you can track your progress. Since meds can take a few months to work, this really helps you and your doc. The phone apps offer a simple way to do this. Also log the injection sites used so you can rotate them easily.
        5. BE SURE to explore Med assistance paymemt programs. Doctors staff should be able to help you with this.
        6. Go in with a Can-Do, Hopeful outlook!
        Good Luck!

        1. Thanks all. Now I have another question. I have been off all RA meds (methotrexate, plaquinel, arava) for 2 weeks. I’m waiting to start on the Humira. During this 2 week time, except for morning stiffness, I have felt better than I have in a few years, since taking all the RA meds. Am I cured/in remission? It is awfully coincidental that I feel better since stopping them. Now I’m wondering if I need the Humira or anything??? Please help. Thank you.

          1. Hi GrammieSue. First, let me say that I'm glad you are feeling better. Second, have you spoken to your doctor about how you have been feeling since stopping the original meds? I can't say whether what you are experiencing is remission, but this article provides some information: The more important question may be the what to do now one. This article looks at some research on whether to continue treatment once in remission: Of course, everyone's RA and overall medical situation is different. Your doctor should be able to help conduct an evaluation and determine and appropriate course of action. Wishing you the best and a continuation of feeling good. Best, Richard ( Team)

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