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What invisible aspects of RA would you like others to know about?

  1. Many people have talked about invisibily and RA. Thought I'd share this article:

    What invisble aspects of RA, do you want others to know about?

    1. I have an aunt who is suffering from RA.
      Could you please give me a link to the URL which explains RA and tell me a few home remedies that might help reduce the pain for her?

  2. Please let people know that the supplement msm 1000 mg capsule have kept my RA at bay for 14 years, even doctors ask me what I take because they can't find inflammation in my system,thanks Howard

  3. I Was just DX with RA I am 36 years old, gained alot of weight and the stresses of life caught up to me causing me to eventually feel like I had enough and needed to get back in the gym. After 3 weeeks of working out, my joints swole up like crazy- I couldnt walk or sleep or do anything for days, eventually I went back tot he Podiatrist who initially told me I had GOUT, ended up sending me to a specialist who officialy dx me with RA - due to my factors being high, lupus ruled out and gout ruled out - no one seems to understand what I Am going through, not even my wife who I Think fears for my future as a provider than actually recognizing the pain that I Am in and how hard it is to get by. I just wanted to know any one elses feelings about how they handled things when they first found out about this disease and that they were dx with it. I always thyought it was a nothing sickness, now I See that it changes your entire life; I am tso tired of not feeling comfortable ever.

    1. I was devastated when I was just recently diagnosed. Still can’t really soak it all in. I have been reading a lot about it. So sorry you feel like your wife doesn’t understand how you feel. We can tell everyone we have RA and they can even read all about it. Still they don’t understand because it is not them. I seriously cannot believe all the ways it can affect you.

    2. This is exactly the way I feel in fact I've started just saving my breath although people might care or not it's like when someone passes away unless they are close to you it doesn't effect you in that way I'm a self employed natural gas mechanic in a very competitive field and I feel like I'm losing the battle because of this disease and I don't like it I find myself even pushing harder almost to the point of total exhaustion I dont want to give in or let RA win but the more I dont give the disease the respect it so does not deserve I'feel like I'm destroying all aspects of my health well thanks and I guess I've finished

  4. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis noahopz. One of our contributors wrote a ten part series on things she would like to tell her newly diagnosed self (I recommend the whole series). Number one is on actually receiving the diagnosis:

    As you are experiencing, finding out you have RA is emotional roller-coaster. This aspect of the diagnosis often takes a backseat to the physical, but is very important. This article from our editorial team looks at this aspect, with some information on dealing with it:

    Know that you are always welcome here for information and support. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

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