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Is enough fatigue to diagnosis RA?

Hi, I have been passing really bad times during years with severe fatigue. The problem is that I dont have joints problems, Just severe fatigue and body pain. 2 years ago the doctor said that my tests were positive for RA but without joints symptoms can not give me a diagnosis. Now im diyng with ultra severe fatigue so I went with another rheumatologist and my tests are worse in numbers but the same positives 2 years ago. Now C reactive is positive, RF negative (2 years ago was positive), antinuclear antibodies positives (higher than 2 years ago) and anti ccp are super high is more than one thousend (2 years ago was in 156). So now I worry cuz I migh have the same answer I had 2 years ago. I could not find one single case with diagnosis without articular problems. I Just want a treatment to bring Back my life. I think if I have RA is absurd to wait until the sickness is really bad to start a treatment that can stop all of it. Sorry for muy english, Im latin american.

  1. RA is such a unique disease in that every patient presents differently. I am what is called sero-negative, which means my tests never show positive for RA, but I still have it. I think the best bet for you is to go and see a rheumatologist until you find one that is willing to listen to your concerns. There just isn't any way to diagnose something just form fatigue, especially over the internet. Seeing a physician would be the best course of action, although I know it wasn't the answer you were looking for. Let us know what you find out, though, and we will always be here to help as best we can. Keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. From personal experience of getting diagnosed, I became aware that there are many medications that treat RA that are ALSO used to treat other autoimmune diseases. I was looking to feel better and get treatment, so I took whatever label that were willing to give, RA or not if it was an autoimmune disease since we were pretty sure that was what was going on. My original Rheumatologist was torn between a diagnosis of RA and Psoriatic arthritis. He went with RA to get the ball rolling and used meds that commonly treat both. We got a more definitive RA diagnosis down the road as I was originally seronegative. In the meantime, I was able to start walking without a cane again and started to feel more myself. A "true" diagnosis or label my be mentally comforting, but getting a small part of your life back is also worth the effort even without a label.

      1. Appreciate you sharing your diagnosis story. Glad you were able to start feeling more like yourself. Great points you make. Best, Kelly, Team Member

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