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is the BP side effects of Arthritis Medicine ?

My Mother is 70 years old and she is taking medicine of arthrithis from 12 years. Now she got BP. She is also taking medicine of BP.

is the BP side effect of Medicine?

What should be doctor follow up duration ?
Initially she can to big city and took proper treatment with Rheumatologist. My home city, there are no Rheumatologist. She used to go to ortho doctor. I am thinking take Video Consultation of Rheumatologist.

is it good to take Video Consultation ?

  1. Hi, thank you for writing in. Video (telehealth visits) are equally beneficial. Majority, if not all, rheumatologists offer this feature. I would call the doctor's office and ask what accommodations can be made especially since you have some concerns you want to address sooner than later. If it helps to save a trip, do it. I've done it countless times and my doctor's are in my area. We are also not able to give medical advice over these forums, since we aren't medical professionals. So your best bet would be to contact the doctor and ask these questions. They should be able to help. But yes, schedule that video consult! -Effie, team member

    1. Thanks for reply. How often do we need to visit hospital if arthritis is well control?

      1. appointments will vary person to person. I can tell you, in the beginning, I went in every 3 months. As I became more stable, it was more like every 4-6 months, depending on my medication routine. Some medications require blood work monitoring. It is possible she could have her blood drawn in your town a few days before seeing the rheumatologist, either in person or on video. My own opinion is it is best for the first appointment to be in person so the doctor can actual feel the bothersome joints and see how well you move. They feel for swelling, heat and range of motion. After that you should be able to come up with a plan for video visits. Some medications may increase blood pressure. That is a good conversation to have with her doctor. I Hope for the best treatment for your mom! Jo

        1. Hi . On top of the excellent information from Jo and Effie, I want to note that there are numerous potential causes for the high blood pressure, from RA (systemic inflammation can increase cardiovascular disease risk) to RA medications (such as NSAIDs and steroids) to something else entirely. This is why it is so important to get the professional follow-up. Do you know what RA medications your mother has been on to this point? Hoping you can get the care she deserves soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

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