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just diagnosed

I am just turning 32 at the end of this month and got diagnosed with RA although according to my dr it was missed back in 2018.

While my finger and hip joints do bother me, it's genuinely all over/radiating body pain that drives me the most crazy (especially during storms or any high humidity).

Anyone else relate?

  1. Yes, weather forecasting something that has become a natural thing for me. Wish we could get paid like the meteorologist do for their forecast, but as last we do not 🙁 Something I did to keep myself busy and have little fun with my RA is I wrote down what I thought the weather would be over a couple days time frame. Then as the days past, went back and check to see how accurate I was. 97% accuracy was the score! Since I have been at this quite a few years I just go with the body and dress for how I am feeling the day will be. The family (adult children) now lives to far away to let them now in advance, they state they miss that. I hope for their sakes they never have to learn this "qift" of their mothers. For your hand in the morning or when stiff try holding them in or under warm water, make sure your inter wrist gets the warmth, it will help it spread through the body a little quicker and relieve some of the stiffness hopefully. Unforunately, we are all not the same, but trying someone else's little tricks might be helpful. As for the hips, ouch, nothing I really can suggest there, just easy movement and light stretching.
    Caring thoughts to you, Doris

    1. Thank you so much!

      1. , welcome to the community! I am glad you found us!

        You are definitely not alone when it comes to experiencing pain due to the weather. It's a pretty common topic of conversation here. The barometric pressure shifts can definitely make one's joints ache! Whether the pain is concentrated to just the joints or more of an all over body pain, I know it can be very uncomfortable. If you haven't done so already, I would definitely talk to your doctor about the pain you are experiencing. Technically, we have joints and cartilage all through out our bodies, so RA can cause pain pretty much anywhere (even in your ears and jaw)!

        I thought you might find these conversations from our forums relatable -- and --

        You're not alone! I hope the weather stays temperate in your area for awhile, to give you a break from the full body pains!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

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