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Knee replacement and ra

Hi all
I was diagnosed 3 months ago with ra and underwent knee replacement 3 weeks ago. Would like to hear how anyone else navigated rehab to avoid flare ups

  1. @brendon Hi, first off, just FYI I have had 4 joint replacements myself. Never a knee, but a shoulder, two hips, and an ankle, and rehab is gonna take time. The only preventative tip I can give you is just not to be shy when telling your physical therapist that you can't do something. At first, they're probably going to say something like, "there is supposed to be some discomfort," but you know what's going to hurt you more in the end. Other than that I'll just say it takes time, as it did with me, but one day you'll get up and it'll be the first day that you didn't think of your knee first, and then one from there. Of course, we'll be here if you need anything. GL! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

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